We now offer full service home gardening! Let us install your garden, whether it be a raised garden bed or traditional garden. Choose your vegetables and we'll do the rest! We'll even turn, fertilize and plant new crops for you next year, all you do is water and pick! Why go to a supermarket for sub-par, genetically modified and overpriced vegetables when you can pick organic, fresh vegetables from your own home garden!


How it Works

We work with you to design your garden and choose the vegetables you want from your raised garden bed or traditional garden. We offer a few variations of the same style box, tailoring the final product to your specific needs and wants. We then determine where the best spot to establish the garden will be. After that, we go to work and you pick your vegetables when they're ripe and ready! The only maintenance you have to do is watering the vegetables. In the spring, we rototill and fertilize the box, then decide if you want to grow the same crops, or try new vegetables. Once again, we go to work and all you have to do is water! Contact us today for your free estimate and consultation!